A one day excursion to Freistadt and Kefermarkt in the Mühlviertel

Linz Tours organizes tailor-made excursions by bus in the Mühlviertel and more exactly in Freistadt and Kefermarkt including visit to the monastery of the Premonstratensian in Schlägl and to the museum of the area of the Mühlviertel. During this tour, which will start from Linz or another place of your choice in Upper Austria, we will take care of hiring the licensed guide but also of the booking of buses, minibuses or cars, and the booking of tickets in museums and the organization of lunches for all visitors. If you are interested, please write us at !

Example of programme for one day excursion in Freistadt and Kefermarkt

From the starting point that you prefer in Upper Austria, we will take the highway in direction to Kefermarkt. We will visit the church and its world-wide famous gothic altar. Then the tour will go on in Freistadt. We will leave our bus, minibus or coach to the "Böhmertor" door and we will start our guided tour through the medieval city. After we discover the "Frauentor" door, we will take a walk in the streets of the city to the principal square. We will visit Sankt Catherine church, the castle and the museum of the area of Mühlviertel which have numerous exposure rooms about the story and the culture of the Mühlviertel. Near the "Frauenteich", we will admire the old Stadtgraben and the Freistadt mural that we will follow to go to the Linz door and thus take a walk in the park of the old Stadtgraben. Then we will taste a beer in a brewery. After our lunch break, we will get in our vehicle again (minibus, bus or car) and we will go on towards the Premonstratensian abbey in Schlägl. A local guide will lead you in your visit of the library of the abbey, the cathedral, the staterooms and he will tell us the story of the famous brewery of the abbey. A little break will enable you to taste a beer or buy some things in the city. To end this excursion, we will go to Haslach by the road "Weberstrasse" where we will visit the museum of weaving before heading back to Linz.

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